Reviews from Japan


The concert was received enthusiastically by the public and each piece received an ovation.

This performance attracted many music lovers and the large hall of the Majestic was packed. The opening work, Pachelbel's Canon, blended the emotion, fluidity and intensity of the ten violins and the accompanying piano. The Telemann  concerto invited the public to discover the majesty and the refinement of the instrument..This concert  was received enthusiastically by the public and each piece received an ovation.  The instrumental ensemble of the Berlin Philharmonic was created in 1993 and this group composed only of violins is characterized by a unique sound and sonority of great virtuosity. Supported solely by the piano, this combination has attracted numerous contemporary composers who  have written or arranged for the Philharmonic violins. Once again, this evening at the 30th Musical Weeks was deemed a success.


Onkaku Junpo

This is an unusual ensemble with Laurentius Dinca, first violinist in the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and 9 other violinists plus piano.They came to Japan for the opening of the JT Art  Hall "Affinis". The first piece was a fast an aggressive "canon" by Pachelbel, performed to good effect and was very successful Following this was Telemann's "Sonata for 4 Violins" and a recently commissioned work by H. Eder entitled "Contrast". The piece combines humorous and aesthetic expression with certain passages containing harmonies similar to those of Messian. Then came works by Grieg, Debussy and Paganini's "Variations opus 14" which the ensemble played excellently.The greatest demonstration of their ability and of their high quality was at the end of the concert with Dvorak's "Slavonic Dances"


Ongaku no Tomo magazine

The Violins of the Berlin Philharmonic, (10 violinists from the Berlin Philharmonic plus pianist) performed in Japan for the first time in 2 years, this time joined by Rainer Kussmaul , the orchestra's concert master. The programme included Pachelbel's "Canon",  Telemann's Concerto for 4 violins in D Major, a suite by Sonnenburg, "Romeo and Juliet" suite by Prokofiev, as well as works by Bondon, Enescu and Sarasate.This ensemble is not only a group of great violinists, but they really enjoy playing together and have the characteristic "Berlin Phil" sound. The audience listened to their  performance with the utmost confidence in their ability.