Concert in Frankfurt "Old Opera concert Hall"


“New Press”

The Philharmonic Violins Berlin” is a lively group, which was founded by Laurentius Dinca. The ten violinists and the pianist Jonathan Alder, however, have  played before as they are all member of Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. The PhVB played the Hungarian Dances one Five and Six with great zest, airiness and mellowness. Some of the most remarkable features  of the “PhVB” are the extremely sonorous and sensitive sound, the technical brilliance and the enthusiasm with which they plan any piece of music. Johan Pachelbel profited from the features and the beautiful Concert for four Violins by Telemann was portrayed with tremendous substance , was full in sound and was perfect in form.

Two composers were among the audience: Herbert Baumann whose Transformations of a Baroque Theme were heard, and Roland Leistner-Meyer, who had composed his “ Concerto concitato op. 78 for the Philharmonic Violins.

With Suites from Romeo and Juliet by Prokofjew and Rumanian Rhapsody by Enescu this concert which was credited by great applause found a contemplative and elegiac end.