10 Violins for One Piano


On Thursday, the 13th of August, the press was invited to a concert by
the violins of the Berlin Philharmonic on the next to the last evening
of  30th Musical Weeks.

This performance attracted many music lovers and the large hall of the
Majestic was packed.  From the opening, Pachelbel's Canon blended the
emotion, fluidity and intensity of the nine violins, supported by the
piano. Then the Concerto in D Major for Four Violins by Georg Philipp
Telemann invited the public to discover the majesty and the refinement
of the instrument.

Back to the ensemble of violins and piano with Jacques Bondon and a
"Danse Fantastique" with a piano attack taken up by the ten violins
surrounding it.  The evenly-matched bows, lively and almost stubborn,
followed, without drowning out the nobility of the piano.
This concert was received enthusiastically by the public and each piece
received an ovation.  The instrumental ensemble of the Berlin
Philharmonic was created in 1993 and this group composed only of violins
is characterized by a unique sound and sonority of great virtuosity.
Supported solely by the piano, this combination has attracted numerous
contemporary composers who  have written or arranged for the
Philharmonic violins. As usual, the intermission allowed the public to
exchange first impressions.  Once again, this evening at the 30th
Musical Weeks was deemed a success.